Low Fidelity Wireframes

Design Decisions in Low-Fidelity Mockups:

Homepage Layout:

  • Simplified layout with clear sections for featured collections, new arrivals, and promotions.

  • Emphasis on visual elements such as high-quality images and minimal text.

  • Easy access to navigation menu and search bar for quick browsing.

Navigation Menu:

  • Streamlined navigation menu with clear categories for women, men, kids, collections, and sale.

  • Dropdown menus for subcategories to enhance user exploration.

Product Listing Page:

  • Grid layout displaying product images with essential details like price, name, and color options.

  • Filter and sort options for refining search results by size, color, price, and popularity.

Product Detail Page:

  • Clean and organized layout with a focus on product images.

  • Detailed product description, size guide, and customer reviews tab for informed decision-making.

  • Clear call-to-action buttons for adding to cart and viewing related items.

Shopping Cart and Checkout:

  • Simple and intuitive shopping cart layout displaying added items with total price.

  • Smooth transition to the checkout process with clear steps for entering shipping and payment information.

  • Option to review and edit the order before finalizing the purchase.